Cei Lambert was born and raised in Colorado, where he has recently resettled after 4 years in Boston. Cei's academic background includes extensive study in fine art, textiles, art history, and wildlife biology. Cei holds a B.S., a B.F.A. and and M.F.A. all from Colorado State University, and enjoys interdisciplinary study. Cei grounds his art in solid draftsmanship and scientific illustration, then plays with unexpected media, fantastical chimeras, and pattern creation. Cei loves bird watching, riding his bike, hiking, swimming in lakes, listening to audio books, and practicing martial arts. His favorite color is green and you say his name "Kay"-- it's Welsh. 
Cei is currently working on his apprenticeship at the shop, so stay tuned and make sure to be a part of his progress!
Favorite subjects to tattoo: Anything he can learn from
Favorite styles to tattoo: Still developing
Current rate: Progressing though his apprenticeship, so check with him for current rates

Email: cei@heartandskin.com
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