Kristyn was born and raised in Iowa, putting marker to paper since as long as she can remember.  Eventually she started putting marker to skin, which in turn developed into putting ink to skin in 2014 when she began her tattooing career.  Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (painting emphasis), Kristyn’s style holds a foundation in realism.  She enjoys observing aspects of the natural world and twisting them into disturbing and beautiful images.
Outside of art, she has a number of other curious and creative hobbies - including such things as sewing, cosplay, gaming (video AND tabletop), as well as hiking and geeking out over the various flora and fauna of the world around us.  Have your own intriguing interests?  Kristyn is excited to learn about them and bring them to life on your skin!
Favorite subjects to tattoo: Fantastical, Nerdy and Natural Subjects
Favorite styles to tattoo: Illustrative Blackwork
Rate: $200/hour, with $100 minimum

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